We are dedicated to providing the most sanitary nail care services available. There are no regulatory standards in South Africa but given the potential health risks of unsanitary nail services we comply with standards set out internationally.

  1. All of our tools are properly cleaned and then sterilised in steriliser solution after each use.
  2. Clients are given their own “client guard packs” which we can store for them to ensure that files and buffers are not used on anyone else.
  3. We also do not use foot spas which can be breeding grounds for dangerous bacterial infections.
  4. All porous items such as orange birchwood sticks are disposed of immediately after use.

These precautions ensure that any harmful bacteria, viruses and funguses are destroyed and that there is no risk of contamination to clients.

We are very serious about our sanitation standards, and hope that this information helps you relax and enjoy your experience at Polish.